I Wait for You, In Darkness

This poem is a collaboration between Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club and Auroraboros, of the blog Objects, and the Distance Between Them.

Update: You can view Thought for Change’s posting of this piece at: https://thinkingclearly483645316.wordpress.com/2018/07/14/i-wait-for-you-in-darkness/

I’ve never seen you

Yet I know you completely

We haven’t talked yet

But your voice rings

In my ears incessantly

I know your name so we’ll

And my journey is solely to reach you


I’ve come to know you

Or so I’d like to think

Seeing subtle signs within

One in

One thousand faces

Hearing your voice

Your name

In the wind carried over

Empty fields and dusty corner lots

Seeing your silhouette

But for a moment

In otherwise motionless

Shadowed alleys and back-lit mirrors

All the while


Restless with anticipation

Alert and eager


The time will come when

At last

These traces coalesce and


Until then…


I wait

Wait for you

In darkness

Only to be lit up

By your light

Like a moth to the fire

Drawn towards you

Because I know you

From my birth

And your name is death

I can smell you

So close to me

As wrinkles appear

As my heart doesn’t

Beat as fast as it did / (as my heart can taste love as it did)

Neither do I feel delighted

For I’m lost in thought

For you are near

And it’s you that

I dream of now

The time will come

It will come

And we will coalesce



Separate but




Once again to

This growing darkness

But not afraid

As we are the light

We are the spark

That illuminates the night

That sets fire to

These structures

Walls and doors

Windows wide

Not to bring day

But rather to erase

All distinctions

Internal as well as


To render words


As in blood like oil flows

Love true

To ignite

Waiting only

For a sign

A word like a name like a seal like a bind

But not to capture

Rather to


14 thoughts on “I Wait for You, In Darkness

  1. Lovely poem my friend, you and “Thought for change ” did a excellent job on this poem. I love the part about knowing death since birth because that’s me. ❤️✌️


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    1. Thank you, Dawn. Thought for Change is very talented and it was really great to be able to collaborate with her on this. I do not normally speak so frankly on the concept of death, so I am glad that we did here and that the element resonated with you.


      1. Your Welcome my friend, Thought for change ran into me the other day I haven’t yet check out their blog but it looks like I need too.
        I’ve literally grown up with death on my shoulder so I know it very well , I know it bother’s most people to hear anything about it but it’s part of life that I identify with very well and I’m not afraid of it. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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        1. You definitely should take a look at her blog. She writes on a wide variety of subjects, from a vatiety of perspectives and in a unique style all her own. I have a great deal of respect for her as a fellow poet and friend.

          And yes, death has been an integral part of my life and I think about it quite often, but haven’t written about it much. When she mentioned it as a prompt for this piece, I knew that working with her was a good idea. I don’t think people should fear death… As you mention, it is just part of life, a balancing force.

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