From Crystal Clear to Darkest Black

Moving now
From crystal clear to
Darkest black
What lies beneath
How to proceed
With every motion
Not to disturb
The delicate balance
The shadows that move underneath
And the sunlight that streams
Through growing cloud cover
To navigate
With precision and patience
This restless calm
The threat that exists
Within dangers unobserved
Warnings unheeded
For familiar notes
To rise above
And sink below
To dive into the depths
To retrieve and recover
All that may have been
In the tumult that preceded
To demonstrate
That this journey
Is far from over
That I am committed
To ride out any challenge that may arise
As I have embarked
Not for sake of
Momentary thrill
But rather
To see this ship through
To travel the greatest distances
Side by side
Arm in arm
Through sunny days
As well as
Darkened days
But not defeated
In anticipation
For it is through adversity
That experience
And true potential
Is gained.

27 thoughts on “From Crystal Clear to Darkest Black

    1. Thank you; the pressure of the depths is intense, but it can be an embrace as well…

      I attempted to search for your poem, but was unable to find it. Do you have a link? I would love to read it if so.

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      1. Hey thank you! I don’t have a link because it’s in a drawer. I’m slowly taking those out and sharing them. It’s part of an old collection called Songs from the Dark Side of the Moon – A Survivor’s Journal. Thank you for asking. Very kind. And — oh my yes — the depths can be very intense. I love how you put that — it can be an embrace as well. β™₯.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, then I will simply have to keep an eye out for when you post it. πŸ™‚

          There is no need to thank me; I always enjoy reading others’ writing, and am particularly intrigued when someone feels inspired to share it with me, either on a whim or in relation to something I have written.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly. You are so on point here. Intention, and clear communication and demonstration thereof, is key. In the same way a ship must have a clear destination in order to chart course, so must any relationship…

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