Lost in Thought

Captured prior
For too long
By the gaze of
The dark
Peering now into
The light
I’d rather go blind
Than forsake sight
Rather live
Another day
Than exist through
Another night
Rather nothing stare back
Than something else
Not quite real
Not quite

Lost in thought
But not for good
Promise me
You won’t leave
As others would
As you know
You could
All I have ever wanted
To be heard
To maybe be
But I’m not always here
Don’t always remain
Though some day I may
As I know
I should.

17 thoughts on “Lost in Thought

      1. Your Welcome my friend, yap that’s true, people get agrovated with me a lot because I actually THINK when asked about something and don’t answer them emedantily so I really get the ” don’t understand ” part.

        BY FOR NOW

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