She’s Got

She looks right at you like she’s got
Stained glass eyes
You can’t quite see through them
But that’s quite alright
Light floats through as if sent
Straight from the divine
It warms my heart
Calms my mind

She’s got skin like a
Sandy beach
Shimmering above and
Soft beneath
With cool places where we
Bury our feet
With shaded oasis
From the heat

She’s got a voice like
The wind on waves
Could bring the dead back
From their graves
Makes even the good souls
For just a chance to
Hear it play

She’s got a heart like a
Cloudless night
Each kiss a star that
Shines so bright
Each smile a gift of
Undying light
And when she loves its
A love that’s right

Yeah she’s got everything I
Think I need
She’s got it all so
Why would she want me?
It breaks my heart when
Logic succeeds
In convincing me that she
Won’t always
Want to be
Always see
What she
Really means…

But I know that these are lies I
Tell myself
I’ve never been happier with
Anyone else
Never felt love quite like
I have felt
When she
Holds me close
Tells me she don’t want
Nobody else.

I hope she knows she’s got me
Just as I am
Of the good and
All of the bad
When I am happy and
When I am sad
All I have and
All I have had
She’ll never need to fear
I’ll hold her hand
Look her in the eye
Help her to
She’s got
Whatever she needs
She’s got me
Just as I am.

44 thoughts on “She’s Got

        1. This made me quite happy to read. Thank you very much, Chris. I actually have a collection of “albums” that I have written containing lyrics to music that remains locked up in my head. I am curious whether that music would be properly conveyed with lyrics alone… I may post some here just to test the waters. πŸ™‚

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          1. You should. I think that often (assuming the lyric is a good one) the words bring with them a sense of a musical theme that makes itself known to the reader, if you see what I mean.

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    1. Yes, you are quite the right. What I find beautiful about love is that, yes, it can be passionate and wild and full of heart-pounding drama, but where the real joy and peace comes from, for me at least, is in the small and almost inconceivable elements such as the feeling of accepting someone fully and being accepted by them. Completely sentimental and very difficult to capture, which might be why romantic walks on the beach and other such associations tend to conquer.

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      1. Yes we might just forget the big things but it’s the small things that stay with us forever and always. Making us remember the love that we share.


    1. I am so glad that you shared that with me… It is such a beautiful poem, full of genuinely moving words and emotions conveyed therein. There is no need to apologize for tears. I take that as perhaps one of the highest honors. Thank you for the read and share, Ivor. I appreciate you.


    1. Thank you so much, Megha. It is kind of sad – when people say things like “I give you my all”, the connotation seems to be, “I will give you all of my strength”, but really, if you really care for someone, you give them everything, including the ugly or not so strong parts… And if they care for you, they accept those parts.


  1. The love for her pours from your words so beautifully. I adore this one. I have loved everything I’ve read of you. I don’t get enough time to read but am very happy when I get to read you. β™₯.

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    1. This is such a thoughtful comment, Niki. Thank you… I completely understand the lack of time. I feel quite badly when I am unable to keep up with my feed, both because I miss out of the beautiful posts from those I follow and because I know how much work people put into them and how much it means for others to take the time to read. I am so grateful for any time that you give to reading what I write. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love each and every one of your poems! So inspiring, so well phrased and expressive, so wonderful. One cannot simply read one of your poems and be satisfied. Your poems have a way of being so thrilling that they make you automatically read them one after another without the need to go anywhere else. Thank you for creating such beautiful art! We’re blessed.

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    1. Oh, this made me tear up a bit… I really appreciate your kind feedback. I generally just write from my heart, “stream-of-consciousness” style, so to hear that you enjoy reading them, especially successively, means a lot to me. Thank you for being a supportive and contributing reader/friend and member of the WordPress community as a whole.

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      1. You’re very welcome. You really have a gift and make beautiful art… Your work truly speaks of the heart you put into it. In Kiswahili, there is a saying that goes ‘Kizuri chajiuza, kibaya cha jitembeza’ which means good things usually have a way of marketing themselves while bad ones have a way of turning people away. Your blog is the former. I am glad my words have impacted you in such a profound way, it truly humbles me. Thanks for your comments and support as well. You’re appreciated!

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