Breeze Betrays the Calm

Half-moon, cool night, still
Summer month feigns autumn
Breeze betrays the calm

30 thoughts on “Breeze Betrays the Calm

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I have neglected the beauty in short writing lately. There is a very unique value that comes from the need for careful word choice and delicate precision.

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      1. I agree with you. I mostly write fairly short pieces. I like to try and get lots of meaning into a small package lol. I must read some more of your stuff later. I like the idea of stream of consciousness writing. Don’t think I have ever done it, might try it, thanks for the idea.

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        1. I really like that. I have written several shorter pieces but often, with the stream of consciousness approach, I find I continue on with more ideas and before long I have a full length piece (and am quite happy with it). It would be interesting to work on something together at some point. Let’s keep that in mind perhaps.

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    1. Thank you, Lawrence. I need to write more of them I realize it is likely a bit overwhelming to have so many relatively lengthy pieces… It might be more accessible to mix in a shorter piece from time to time.

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