The Past, At Rest, Awakens

Eyes once closed
Spring open
Once more
Returning from
Deep freeze
Seeing clearly
Scenes long since abandoned
Grey and faded
Curled at the edges
From years of neglect

Sorrow relived
Sometimes the past
Is best left
In the past
Bridges to nowhere
Thomassons true
Utterly useless
But clearly maintained
Only when accessed

Now we navigate
Ancient pathways
To central corridors
Entire networks revealed
Footsteps marked in
Dusty earth
Stories or
Legends perhaps
Never forgotten
But neither dwelt on

Time is
After all
A living being
Breathing fresh with each new day
Heartbeat steady
Driving forward
All that is
But remaining still
And now though prior dormant
The past, at rest, awakens

22 thoughts on “The Past, At Rest, Awakens

  1. Lovely poem my friend, it reminds me of my awakening to my true self and a saying I have ” the past is the past and we can not change it so no need to dwell on it so just let it go ” it’s good to remember the past it made us who we are but not good to dwell on it for we can get stuck on it. ❤️✌️


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    1. Exactly, Dawn. As always, I am not surprised that you understand. Memory and perception are such strange and often difficult elements of life. Change can be hard, and looking back at where we have been helps us realize where we are, but can also reilluminate the challenges we have overcome and the pain that came with them. I am so glad to hear that you have come to peace with your past. 🙂


      1. Thank you my friend, well it was come to peace with it or let it totally distry me after 20+ year’s of self destructon it was time to move on, I wasted anuff of my life on the past. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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        1. Life is dynamic, and emotions range across the spectrum. I wouldn’t say everything is fine, but in time, we learn to find a balance. We are working towards that daily. 🙂 Thank you for your concern.

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    1. Thank you; I am so glad that this resonated with you. It is such a simple concept, but often very difficult to apply. I have found that, with mindful, consistent effort, we can move forward to the now and build for the future.

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