Such Precious Substrates As These

This piece is a collaboration between myself and Blackbird of the blog Wandering Thoughts.


I can only hope
To never forget
This moment
Your eyes
A more vibrant
Brilliant hue
Than that
Fresh open
Mountain sky.
The clear air
Rustling our shirts
And your dark
Perfect ringlets
That others may
Mistakenly describe
As messy
Or shaggy.
In this moment
I see our life,
Beyond beautiful
In it’s own
Chaotic manner.


I could never
Will never
These moments
With you
In my arms
Your eyes
Reflected in my own
To stabilize
To capture
The fire that burns
Deep within
Exposed to
The ice in your own
And how
My love
I hope you understand
The difference between
Cost and value
The weight of each
And how
Neither will ever
Hold me back
From demonstrating to you
What I feel
And the bonds we share
To bleed when you bleed
As well as
To heal when you heal
To share
To remember
The good and the bad
The pain and the pleasure
All the same
Never to feel
Or impart
Or any such judgement
As we are aware
Of context
And understand
Exactly what has led
To this moment
And the decisions made
Before and therein
Though we must both
With patience
And persistence
To see
The moments yet to unfold
And the memories
To be made as such
Chaotic in nature
But folded with precision
Striations within
Such precious substrates as these
Time and love
Heart and soul

14 thoughts on “Such Precious Substrates As These

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn. We have been on vacation at my childhood home these past few days, immersing in the past and bringing it forward into the present to build a future. ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. It has been just what we needed. I have also been able to visit my brother and sister, who I only get to see every year or so, and miss dearly. Thank you for the well wishes, Dawn. ๐Ÿ™‚


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