For Those Who We Have Lost and Those Who Remain

Soul might
As they go
Desperate and
Eyes they change
Shining white to
Crystal grey
There must be
Another way
For though
You no longer
Those who are left
Can still
This isn’t how it
Should be
Some might say
This act
A silent
Screaming way
To say
I am not okay
If only we had listened
You might still be
Might believe
Might not be
Might know that
Though you are gone
You are still with us
Every day
In dreams and
In tears and
Reverent accolade
Without shoulder
Without blade
Without judgement
Without shame
Only hope to
Relieve pain
To make this darkness
Go away
And how I wish
This could end with notes
Of bright and sunny days
But we all know
Life doesn’t always end
With a joyous cavalcade
Sometimes it just
Slowly fades…

10 thoughts on “For Those Who We Have Lost and Those Who Remain

      1. Yes it’s a chetch 22 that can make you go one way or the other depending on how you deal with it. I lost friend’s in my teens and I still think about them after all this year’s, their memories live on. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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        1. That is so true. We all experience these losses in our lives… How we react and process them is our choice. I am sorry about your friends… It is never an easy thing to experience, and never really gets easier.


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