Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

Take this chance
Don’t wait too long
You never really know
What could have been
Until the moment’s gone
Passing up what is right
Fearing what might
Go wrong

Move when you feel the beat
What makes you think
This is anyone else’s song
It was yours all along
So make it fun
Slide left slide right
Step to the side
Then when your done
Take it
And move on

Keep moving for the light
Right through this dark night
Just ahead is a new dawn
Though it’s not yet in sight
It’s coming
And it’s coming strong
When day breaks you’ll finally see
You won’t need to fight
Where it’s warm and it’s bright
You’ll be here with us right
Where you will always belong

13 thoughts on “Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

    1. Thank you very much – unlike a lot of my writing, this was actually written in order and the rest of the poem grew from those first five lines. I am very glad you picked those out. I wish you a wonderful day as well.

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        1. I would only laugh in comraderie. My poetry tends to develop in a stream-of-consciousness/burst and bloom style. I start with a word, phrase, or idea. Then I begin to write. I will often move up and down as I go, building in various directions until I feel all of the pieces are assembled. And then, I often move a stanza or two to fit the final order before I feel like the structure is as it should be.

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