On some level
Even the tiny
Seemingly insignificant
Must know
The cost
The risk
Of what must be undertaken

But can we really say
We would do any different
When what is at stake
Is the fate
Of those whose very lives
Hang in the balance
With a similarly small
And seemingly insignificant
Palm to surface
Watch as life
Falls to the ground

So often we overlook
Whether absent or
Of present mind
The weight
Of the choices we make
And the impact thereof
On the lives around us
And often we are faced
With decisions without
Clarity in
The value of
Their outcome
Caught between
Two equal impacts
At an impasse
And unable
So it would seem
To proceed

But choices cannot be avoided
A decision in itself
And time proceeds
Or without us
So we must be prepared
To elect
That which rings true
That we cannot always
Do right
That the past
Is unforgiving
As well as lacking judgement
Unconcerned with
Should and could
Caring only
About was and is
About did
Or did not

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