You Are Enough

To my last dying breath
I will fight
To tell you
To show you
That you
Are enough
Just as you are
Not as I
Not as you
Might wish you were
But just as you are
A beautiful
With so much still
To give
As well as to receive

Though it may be hard now
To see
As there are dark clouds in the way
The sun still shines
There are still days
Where it shines through
Just for you
That your face
Your eyes
Your gorgeous smile
Might be illuminated
That you might see as well
All of the beauty
That surrounds you
Each and every day
Dark or light

No matter the storms
That may blow in
No matter how hard
It might be
For you to see it
You will always
Have a place here
Surrounded with
A world of opportunities
To explore
Or to simply observe
The choice is yours
And the decisions you make
Are yours as well
Not to be judged
Or questioned
But to simply be
Each representative
Of the context you find yourself in
Of the person you are
And deserving respect
Just the same

84 thoughts on “You Are Enough

    1. Niki – The rain is just condensation returning to where it came from, to where it belongs, natural process in action… I am so glad that you found what you needed here. Though this was written with a specific person in mind, it was also intentionally worded as such to show that it applies beyond that one individual; YOU are enough, you are a wonderful person worth more than words can capture. Though I do not know you personally, I have read your writing and see you for the exceptional person you are. We all have value… And we all know it deep inside… It just gets hard to hold on to sometimes with so many voices telling us otherwise, both internal and external to ourselves.

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      1. Thank you for this beautiful response to my comment. It’s so kind of you to write those things and I really appreciate it. Yes we sure do have value — all of us. It’s so much easier for me to see it in others but it’s getting easier to value myself — so much more than it was. But some days are harder than others. When I read your poem, I was being assaulted by my own limiting beliefs all day. Usually I can kick those into the sun but yesterday was tough. So thank you again. {{{{{Auroaboros}}}}} Your poetry is lovely and needed and I’m sure it has reached, and will reach, many hearts who need to hear what you have to say. ♥.

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    1. We all need these kind of reminders from time to time. Just as I said in my last comment, this is written for you and everyone else who reads it. You are you. And that is needed more than anything else.

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    1. It sounds like there are a lot of people here who are in need of a reminder of the value they carry inherently… (Myself included). I am so very happy this came at a time when it was able to reach you and anyone else who needed it. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many people who anything else but a message if acceptance and love, who feel like anything less than priceless. But I also understand fully the way the world works and the pain that manifests day to day. I appreciate that there is a place like this where we can lift each other up and speak over all of the negative voices. Thank you for listening and contributing. You are appreciated.

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    1. Thank you, I am likewise touched by all of the comments I awoke to today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts and taking the time to leave your feedback. I am so grateful and appreciative.

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          1. Oh, that makes sense. Auroraboros is actually a portmanteau pseudonym, a combination of words that I feel better represent me here than the name I was given. Aurora comes from the Aurora Borealis primarily (the northern lights), though it also has several other personal meanings. Ouroboros is the snake that continuously feeds on it’s own tail, representative of the cyclical nature of time and the concept of infinity and renewal through destruction. This second part has many personal meanings, but also is symbolic of the nature of my writing as well as the recurring concepts that tend to play out therein.

            You have not offended me in the slightest.

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          2. The ouroboros is commonly made into jewelry or other designs. It is aesthetically quite varied, but the core concept of a snake consuming itself endlessly is the same – ouroboros.

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          3. Adnama is Amanda written in reverse a fun family tradition from My Mums side. My Grandpa made fairy tales interesting e.g rindicella cinderella and Marais is French for Marsh my married name. I liked Amanda reversed to Adnama but in respect of My Dad who named would never change it. As it would upset him.

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          4. I did see that in a future comment. 🙂 I am sorry to hear that; if it helps I am due for the same. It is not an easy transition, but it can bring joy as well as pain. I almost did not survive mine, but looking back, it has brought a balanced amount of positive change to my life, and has afforded me opportunities well worth the experience. I sincerely hope that the same rings true for you.

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          5. That is so valuable… My father passed when I was 14, and my parents had divorced prior, living very far from each other, so I never really had any semblance of a relationship with him. I am sorry to hear of your father’s passing…

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          6. Unaware Alex’s attention was focused on her, Adnama was sat reading her book. Undressed, looking very comfortable in her skin which was perfect to Alex, Adnama was. Moon bathing.

            Sat in her lounger on the back garden patio, bathed by the moonlight.

            Although Adnama did miss the sun. She thought the moon was far more beautiful and sun had not entirely disappeared, Adnama had the best of both.

            Looking stunningly beautiful Alex could scarcely take his gaze off her.

            There were times where this role was reversed, where, Adnama was captivated by Alex’s form, though pale skinned, he looks like an Adonis.

            Fluorescence of silver irises, short, jet black spiky hair, thin pale pink lips pressed lightly together, his stature tall, slim perfect.

            With just word he shakes Adnama from her reverie,

            “Are you staring my dear?”

            Adnama smiled, and said;

            “Well, what if I am?”

            Alex grinned, said, nothing straight away. Adnama got up.

            “I’d better get dressed.”

            Adnama said; Alex stopped Adnama before she could leave the room, he traced a finger down her front from, breasts to her belly button, she shuddered.

            Alex caressed Adnama, every caress sent a new shiver rippling through her, each ripple rushed through her naked body.

            Alex reluctantly let Adnama go so that she could get dressed. Adnama did not like clothes. Still she had to dress, she was comforted know she could undress when they returned home, she stood naked for a moment before dressing.

            When, she returned from the bedroom to the living room where Alex was stood looking out of the window hands behind his back. Her return stirred Alex from his reverie.

            Smiling; he complimented Adnama on her attire. Adnama smiled; feigned a curtsey.

            Alex slipped an arm around her waist. They left the house.

            Returning later fully sated, Adnama could not wait to free herself of her clothing.

            Alex pulled her close caressing her soft pale skin his eyes following body down. She returned to the bedroom with the clithes she was wearing and grabbed her light flowing dressing gown wrapped it around her near naked body.

            Alex sat on the sofa in the living room flicking through tv channels, nothing caught his attention. He turned the tv off, there was someone that had his attention, someone more satisfying than what was on the tv.

            His lady, his woman, looking radient. Wondering how sexy she would look in pregnancy, but being vampires it was not to be, this saddened him.

            Why could he have not met Adnama as a mortal.

            Their home was perfect, immaculate it just missed something, something that would unite their love.

            To be continued……

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          7. This is a lovely story, full of love and desire but with passions always just out of reach for the reader. There is an aire of sadness to it as well, but just the lightest amount and subtle in it’s nature. Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Lovely peace my friend, it spoke to me as I heard the words resignate to the one they we’re written for. You never know how a poem will touch people like my last one it’s got so many hit’s I can’t believe it. ❤️✌️


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    1. Thank you, Dawn. I am so glad that it spoke to you. As you note, it was written with a specific person in mind, but was written to anyone who reads it. I know exactly what you mean… I was so honored and happy with all of the people who received the message at times when it was needed.


    1. Thank you so much, Charles… I really appreciate your supportive words. I must give due credit – I am constantly inspired by others in my life, and Blackbird in particular inspires me daily with her kindness, love, and passion as well as with the challenges she faces and the way she reacts to them. This was written to her, but in a strange way, she can also be credited for helping to write it.


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