This Paper Heart

Ink-black words
On ashen page
Darker lines from
Darker days
Tell of love
Of all from grace
Tell of memories
Long since erased

This paper heart
Folded tight
Once was clean
Once was white
Those days are gone
But that’s alright
So long as remains
Room to write
So long as remains
Will to fight

Now read me, love
In pulse and flow
All I am
For you to know
All I have
All I was
Encrypted now
In ink, my blood
Pouring out
In crimson flood

This paper heart
Tired and thin
Pressed close to yours
Beats strong again
Fresh life to live
New hope to see
True love to give
To you from me
True love a gift
To be received

So hold strong, dear
Let’s press and fold
Your gentle form
I’ll always hold
Whether warm
Or freezing cold
Whether young
Or growing old
In each other’s hearts
We’ll find a home
And write a story
All our own

10 thoughts on “This Paper Heart

    1. Thank you, Dawn. There is much more I’d like to do with this, so I may end up writing a reprise at some point. As with all writing, I started out with ideas and my own notion of what I wanted, but as soon as I started, the words took on their own life. 🙂


    1. Thank you… I am at a bit of a loss of words to respond myself. I never quite know exactly how to convey the gratitude I have for people such as yourself who support me so consistently. I will just say humbly that I am grateful for you, Adi.

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