Beyond the Surface

There are some among us who
Possess a sheen
As diamonds
But they are transparent just the same
And their value
Determined as such
Inferred by
The world outside of themselves
Not always inherent in
Fully realized by
Their hearts

There are others who
Despite rough appearance
Contain an inner glow
That outlasts
All others
Often unseen
By wayfarers searching only for
That which can be quickly pocketed
And sold to the highest bidder

As with all of this world
There is a spectrum
And all fall
In between
With varying degrees and
Measurements of
Beauty and
Both internal to
And external of

You, my love
Are a being beyond all reason
For you exist
Outside of the bounds
Of what I am able to describe
Or even understand
For you are sculpted
With the finest of details
Every line and angle
Expertly crafted and composed
A work of art
From the tips of every follicle on your head
To the curled toes I first came to love
In days of cautious caress

But even still
Beyond the surface lies
A vivid array of
Boundless potential and
Passion for
Life and love
Joy and
You brighten even the darkest corners
Of my heart
With just a glance
Or even a memory
Your voice an echo of
A serene source
Common to all
But seldom so concentrated and
Undeniably pure

My darling
To say I love you
Is to stand with open arms
In the warmest summer breeze
Eyes closed and
Dreaming of open air
Hopeless in effect
But well intended
A demonstration of
Innocent optimistic naivety
For I would shout your name into the wind
If only to know that it has been spoken out loud
I would paint your face in the sand
If only to see your visage carved within the earth
All representations of you
And what you mean to me
Utterly priceless
Beyond all measure
For you are so much more
Than can ever be perceived
Or comprehended
You exist
Far above
And deep below
All encompassing
And grand in nature

26 thoughts on “Beyond the Surface

    1. Thank you! And yes, there is so much value to be found all throughout the spectrum. Some of the most genuine, loving, and altogether beautiful people I have known in my life are those who might be passed over if one was simply searching by standard/typical perceptions of appearance… Everyone deserves a chance to be loved, to love, to feel valued, and everyone can be, it is just a matter of how well they know themselves and how much they are willing to go beyond themselves to know what value and love really mean.

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      1. So true, as always! Everyone deserves love, and all the good things that we say about love is well deserved. It’s a balm for all wounds, and some people are more wounded than others so perhaps it may take more to heal them. But it can’t be contested that love does heal, and change for the better.

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    1. Thank you! It has been a rough week with Blackbird’s anxiety, and we all need a reminder from time to time of how loved and valuable we are… Some times more than others.


    1. Thank you – there is such a spectrum out there, so many people with so much to offer in their own way… In the same manner as there are so many variations of blogs and bloggers here, each with a place and purpose. I am so glad you take the time to read my posts and that you find value in them.

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