Empress Amethyst – A Reprise

With a glance
Fall to their knees
Beneath the weight
Of those eyes
Cast with
Love and
Power held

Behind you
A past strewn
Memories and
Your graceful countenance
Before me now
Full splendor
Seated on
Rightful throne
To rule
All that is
I am
In reverence
And at
Full attention

Amethyst waves
‘Round seated form
And over
Edges of
Reality defined
By your presence
All else rendered

With intent
Blackbird wings
Spread and
Take flight
Beauty bestowed
Upon eyes eager
Hands that once shook
Now embrace
Take hold and
Tremors now
Of no consequence
For we are
Far above
And descend
To observe
To inspire
To bring
Beams of hidden sun
From azure skies above
Rolling clouds
To grey realms beneath

All you touch
The earth rejoices
As cool air acquiesces
Making way for
Your return to
Solid ground
To distill
All you have seen
And heard
In voyages far
For those who remain
Grounded still

9 thoughts on “Empress Amethyst – A Reprise

    1. I agree; any transition can be difficult, particularly those involving such a significant change in surroundings… Thank you as always for the time you took to read and comment.


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