To Tame

It is so easy to forget
That what we tame
Still retains
A part of what made it wild
That we can never quite
Of darkness from
The light
But we can come to appreciate
And see beauty
In both

I believe Antoine had it right
When he spoke
Of establishing ties
Of a reciprocal need
Of finding beauty
In that which may appear to others
Utterly mundane

I too have observed
Likeness within
Fields seated beneath
Golden sun
Though I find you
Not in the lustrous yellow
But rather manifest within
A rich indigo
Deep amethySt unearthed
Or within the crimson tips of
Wings taking flight
To azure skies

I also must pay homage
To the notion
Of responsibility
Not to Expire
Not to be taken lightly
No matter how far we might be
No time is truly wasted
Neither should it should be
Taken for granted
That we spend with those
Whom we love

15 thoughts on “To Tame

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the warm comment as well as the nomination. I can never turn a blind eye to such an honor, so I will respond as soon as I am able, though it may take some time as I am in the middle of quite a lot of change in my life currently and have not had nearly as much time for writing as I would like.

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    1. Thank you; that is exactly the idea. In fact, this began with a rather different concept that would have explored the notion of remaining wild while “tame”, and then evolved into what it is (as evidenced by the first stanza). I am glad that you connected with that idea.

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