An Expression of What Cannot Be Expressed

there is no language
Only sound
And the space between
Not filled with meaning
But with joy
Or with humor
Or with pain
Or perhaps
With nothing at all
An expression of
What cannot be expressed.

Though the sun shines
the blinds hold back the rays
and the room is dark.

And then
there comes through the window
a breeze.

20 thoughts on “An Expression of What Cannot Be Expressed

          1. I thought you didn’t want to reveal your identity I checked your about me page too but there wasn’t anything there that’s why I never asked you.

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          2. I really didn’t, but there are a few rather clever folks who were able to sleuth it out (I love you all – though I am pretty sure I patched the gap that allowed that since.)

            Eventually… I promise 🙂

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    1. Thank you; the breeze/catalyst element started as a separate, longer piece and then organically worked it’s way into this as a short conclusion. I am quite happy with the result, and glad that you enjoyed it.


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