For I Do Not Walk in Solitude

Most days
I stand tall
Facing the rising sun
With the breeze in my hair
And a gentle hum
Eminating from my heart
Assured of my purpose
And ready
To face each new challenge
That arises
With an optimistic drive
And a passion for living

But then there come
Days like the blackest night
In which I find myself
Utterly lost
Stumbling about
In a world devoid
Any semblance of
Familiar form
Where shadows abound
Each vaguely threatening
But without reason or
Simply a part of
A darker landscape
Filled also with
Ominous waves
Not to wash clean
Rather to overwhelm

But I no longer fear
For I do not walk in solitude
And should I stumble
Or fail to find
Direction or
Motivation to continue
I know that you
Will be there
To guide me home
With whispered words
Of loving reassurance
Not walking for me
But rather
Lending me strength
And vision
To persevere
And find my way

My darling
You should know
My world moves
To the beat of
Your heart
Whether on days of sunlit fortune
Or nights with moonless skies
Your voice is a fixed landmark
To remind me
That perception is deceptive
That there is always hope
Whether or not I can see it

23 thoughts on “For I Do Not Walk in Solitude

  1. It’s a beautiful ending. I love how you gave the piece redemption. Sometimes i do horrible things both to myself and to people verbally, and I’m so guilt-ridden and just don’t find light. I do have a few people who care, and I guess they help make me a better person each day.

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    1. Thank you, Nitin. There is always redemption available… It just often takes effort and patience to achieve it. We all make mistakes… How we learn from them and apply our learnings matters in finding resolution and peace. I am so glad to hear that you have people in your life who care and stick with you. That is so valuable…

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    1. I agree. There is always another challenge that awaits, always a tiny amount of uncertainty about what comes next… Fortunately, this can be overcome with communication and trust.


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