You are a Liquid Being

You are not
And never will be
For you are not
A solid and immutable object
You are a liquid being
As a mass of water suspended
To absorb and ignore
All opposition
As weapons pass
Right through
Your rippling form
Causing no harm
Though perhaps
Taking with them
The smallest droplets
Which then drift about
To orbit
And soon return
To the center
To reintegrate
And re-form
Your shimmering whole

So do not fear
That comes your way
For you are resilient
And cannot be damaged
Any more than you allow
And what damage you take
Will soon recover
As you gather
New mass
From all that you touch
Consuming and converting
Potential to kinetic
To fuel your expansion
As well as to propel
You forward
Into a future filled
With all you have dreamt
As well as that which
You could never imagine
To eventually become
All that was
That the process might begin
From the source once more

17 thoughts on “You are a Liquid Being

  1. I believe in love
    I have faith in hope
    No one should be
    left hanging
    like soap on a rope
    Aurora Boros citing
    with Inspirational writing
    by rivers flowing
    floating, not sinking
    Swimming with hope
    (… with no place to mope)

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    1. I am so grateful for you… Thank you for all of the kind words. They mean so much to me. I am not really used to such feedback… It is not always easy to know how to respond when I receive such warm responses. 🙂

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