Beneath the Same Midnight Gaze

In the late night hours
Eyes search for
Semblance of form
In shadows

Strange how
What obscures is not
But rather
The absence of light

Preference for
Moonlit paths
Intermittent incandescent
The dim glow
Faithful companion
A second set of
Azure irises
Longing both
To see and
To be seen

Strange how
Lonesomeness is not
To be without
But rather
The absence of self

Home is
Wherever you might be
So under cover of
Even the darkest veil
I am at peace
For I am never alone
Knowing we exist
Beneath the same midnight gaze

10 thoughts on “Beneath the Same Midnight Gaze

    1. Thank you; your words are so like an ointment themselves. I am always so glad to hear from those who I haven’t in a while… Today seems to be a day for that.

      I also have catching up to do… I have been sick for the past week and haven’t been able to keep up with reading. I plan to take some time to do so later this evening.

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