Despite the Pervasive Darkness

I have been told
That my writing can often be

Thank you.
I must be improving
In my ability
To convey
The essence of my being
And my perspective on
The human experience.

I have never found myself
Particularly interested
In writing that fails
To leave
A knot in my stomach,
That leaves me feeling whole
Rather than shining a blinding light upon
A void
In my awareness.

What can you expect to gain
From always nodding
Never scratching
That shining scalp of yours?

Do you ever
Lie awake at night,
Toss and turn,
Stare at the empty space above your bed
For hours on end
Thinking about
Absolutely nothing
Perplexed nonethless
At what can be inferred therefrom?

So here’s to
All the no-name nobodies,
To the writers who pour
Their heart into their words
Day after day,
Voices echoing along
These dimly lit tunnels,
Calling out
Not for fame
Or glory
Or even to be found,
But rather,
That someone might hear
And understand
That despite the pervasive darkness
There are others here.

For nothing
Is a concept
That can only exist
In a void;
It is a black hole
Into which
We all are eventually drawn,
But not today
Not so long
As we speak
And think
And listen;
Everyone should ponder
From time to time
No-one should ever feel
Like nothing,
Not now,
Not ever.

If you are reading this:
You are someone.
You are a voice worth listening to;
Thank you for speaking with yours.
Thank you for hearing mine.

24 thoughts on “Despite the Pervasive Darkness

    1. I really appreciate the affirmation… Thank you. It is always my hope that my readers will be able to take something away with them, but not too much that they don’t need to add a bit of their own perspective to make it whole.

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    1. Thank you so much… This means a lot to me. I don’t say that lightly either. The support you and other readers provides has helped me to not only continue my writing but to keep myself in a healthy place. I will continue writing so long as I am able. 🙂

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