Full Spectrum Burst

When I feel
From reality
My tendency has always been
To retreat
To the world
In my head

There are mountains there
Which only I can scale
There are depths
Which only I can swim
There are spectres there as well…
Which only I can see
Formed of my own flesh and blood
The only fragments of
Life outside
That remain
Meandering aimless
Malevolent in their blind ambition
To exist

I have never felt at home
More so than
When I am completely without
Untethered and
By what I believe to be
Seeing instead
What may be
If only

Deviate and disperse
Delta dispels
Notions of
Even dichromatic
Full spectrum burst
Splayed on yonder wall
Evidence of a crime
That would leave even
Darkly dreaming analysts
Weak in the knees

So it is
That what is cannot often be
Without what is not
And the difference between
Is smaller than one might imagine

13 thoughts on “Full Spectrum Burst

    1. I take that as a high honor, friend. It has been a long time since I have been in a place from which such poems are born, and even longer since I have walked away unscathed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment and support.

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    1. There is beauty in solitude… But the same as with anything else, we must be mindful not to covet that beauty or forsake all of the beauty that can be found elsewhere. Balance is needed…


  1. “So it is
    That what is cannot often be
    Without what is not
    And the difference between
    Is smaller than one might imagine”

    How do I choose just some of this brilliant work to highlight when every word is neon?

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    1. Oh, Maggie, thank you so much for the thoughtful reading of and comment on this piece. As I am sure you understand, each of my poems are like children, and I hold them all close to my heart. It really means a lot when someone takes the time to revisit something I have previously written. As much as I love it, the fast-pace of this platform tends to bury our prior accomplishments to all those but the most determined.


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