When the Ground Beneath You Crumbles and Falls Away

When you were younger
Every gap and fold
Seemed like the end of the road
But soon you learned if your
Feet left the Earth
There weren’t many places you could not go

Now you are older and the
Valleys are wide
There are so many obstacles left to cross
And though you’re still light
That can’t be said of your load
Which gets heavier with every loss

But lose not hope
When the ground beneath you
Crumbles and falls away
Don’t be afraid to step back
There is a difference between
Ground lost and perspective gained

Time and experience impart
Feathers each, to makeshift wing
Vestigial now and mottled grey
Fold it close and carry on
Though it cannot now
It will carry you far some day

And when you reach
A precipice
Beyond which you cannot see
And voices taunt from shadows dark
Telling you to turn back
Stand strong; do not recede

It is often difficult to believe
Or to admit at least
But you are never alone
There are many others
On many other roads
With wings and loads of their own

It is often said
There is strength in numbers
As any soldier can attest
So listen lest you forget
It is often when we seek help
That we are truly at our best

So darling now here we stand
Only water and clouds ahead
And voices all around
Press your back to mine
We’ll hold our own
Then take flight, hand in hand, for higher ground

20 thoughts on “When the Ground Beneath You Crumbles and Falls Away

    1. Thank you! I am glad that you caught/enjoyed that contrast. It is a piece with much history and grounded context, balanced all in between light/heavy/light/dark. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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