Never Give Up

If there is will to carry on Never give up For there is hope The sun shines for you Each day renewed If there is strength left in your heart Never stop fighting For you will win There is no test You cannot best And if you feel you can't go on Never forget There … Continue reading Never Give Up

For Those Who We Have Lost and Those Who Remain

Daylight Enter Soul might Exit Come As they go Desperate and Alone Eyes they change Shining white to Crystal grey There must be Another way For though You no longer See Those who are left Can still Perceive This isn't how it Should be Some might say This act Display A silent Screaming way To … Continue reading For Those Who We Have Lost and Those Who Remain

Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

Take this chance Don't wait too long You never really know What could have been Until the moment's gone Passing up what is right Fearing what might Go wrong Move when you feel the beat What makes you think This is anyone else's song It was yours all along So make it fun Slide left … Continue reading Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

With Thorns

Curled red petals Folded Toward center Smiling Fixed in Place Space and time Irrelevant As this moment Captured Means far more Careful Consideration Touch must be A genuine act Not to Impose But rather To implore To inquire To inspire An act of Reverence Made with Understanding That beauty often comes With thorns Not to … Continue reading With Thorns