Choice and Trust

Combing through
Of what was
If there was ever anything here
To begin with
Or if this is all
Just a lie
We tell ourselves
That we might close our eyes
And have something to forget

There is no such thing as the past
Now is all that is
But now
Does not exist
In that we are never still

We are not
In control
And never will be
Playing host to
What we will never comprehend
All along
But failing to process
Consequence and implication
Preferring instead
Comfort and
Deceptive reason

So we set out
Searching for
Semblance of belonging
Searching eyes and hearts for
Glimmers of truth
Hoping always
For the best

Best intentions
Razor sharp
Pierce with efficiency
Regardless of whether they find their target
Clean cuts
Do not heal quickly
Leaving scars
That remind us
Why we never turn our backs
Friends close
Enemies as allies

Not all intentions are pure
Not all days can be good days
Not all journeys end
With positive resolution
What we travel towards
Is just a mirage
Cities on the distant skyline
Fall to ruin as we draw near
So we keep ever onward
That next time
We may finally arrive
Somewhere we belong

All the same fading façade
In the end
Nothing remains

Some day
We all must depart
Our delicate forms
Ceding to
The next iteration
To be replaced soon after
An endless cycle of
Trial and error

All we can hope
That we might find
Moments of reprieve
In which we are able
To think
To breathe
To see beauty in
The meticulous breakdown
Anthills and beached whales
Black holes and iridescent algae
Life-giving rain and all-consuming flame

A powerful weapon
To navigate our path
But survival
Is often not a choice
To succeed
We must
Vigilant and alert
Present and aware
But accepting of
The unexpected
Not always seeking to assert
Our dominion
Learning to find balance between
Choice and trust.

17 thoughts on “Choice and Trust

    1. Thank you. Wisdom and eloquence were found in this journey, actually. The initial destination was dark and ultimately empty; I am so glad I saw it for what it was and kept going. Working title was Ruin…

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    1. Thank you! I would also add that sometimes, trusting IS the decision. Letting go of the need to make further decisions and just trusting that those we have made already, or those that others will make, are enough.

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  1. Great post. I can relate to this. I have made wrong choices in my life and I suffer the worst consequences, but I also learned to carry the responsibility, It may not always the right choice, but I think if you learn something from it, then that makes a difference.

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    1. Thank you. We all make poor decisions… The most important thing is that we learn from them and accept the consequences, as you put it, as long as we carry the responsibility. I am so very glad to hear that you have learned this… It is a valuable lesson that can often only be leaned the hard way.


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