Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

Note: This piece contains material that is not appropriate for all audiences. Read at your own discretion.

Her breath on my neck
Her lips on my cheek
Her pressed against me
We move as one; I remember to breathe
Feel her movement, discrete
Rinse and repeat
Shallow then deep
Above then beneath
Pressed against – out of reach
A swim in the sea not a walk on the beach
Then as the pants become sighs become moans become…
Don’t stop now, don’t ever leave
We hold tight, knuckles white, she grants no reprieve
I follow her lead
Until she has met her needs
Simultaneous release
New elevations achieved
We collapse amidst an ocean of sheets
The waves at our feet
Fluid drips from my head to my chest as I take several deep breaths
We aren’t finished yet
Firm form, supple breasts
A playful caress
Teeth against lips against tongue against wet…
The taste of her sweat
Whether I’m passing the test
I don’t have to guess
She cries out “Oh, yes!”
Exhausted, we rest
Unashamed, in our mess
No rush to get dressed
No-one else to impress
Just us
Nothing more, nothing less

8 thoughts on “Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

  1. You managed to convey this piece elegantly and writing an act of togetherness in the way you have, I feel, does not need a disclaimer. It is beautiful. I am glad I caught this.

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    1. Thank you so much Sara; I really appreciate your comment. It means a lot to hear that you interpreted this as intended… It was intended as a celebration of beauty found in mutual, respectful, reciprocal love, something so very rare in my experience I felt it needed a delicate and thoughtful rendition in poetic form.

      I was originally hesitant to post this because I want to be mindful of my readers, as I know I have a wide range of people who follow my blog (of various ages, backgrounds, etc…), and my primary concern is that I want to ensure that the reader has a choice. I did not intend this to be offensive, but some may perceive it that way. So I just want to make sure that the reader is properly informed so that the choice is theirs on whether to proceed or skip this post.

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      1. You are very considerate and it just extends my fondness of you as a person. You expressed your message exactly right to me and it was beautiful to read.

        From my standpoint, I welcome more of this. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts, I truly appreciate them. Having never posted anything of this nature here before, I was uncertain how it would be perceived. The positive and supportive response from you and others has been very reenforcing and inspiring… I have really come to love this community.

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