The Minds of So Many

The human mind is a beautiful creation
So full of life,
Surrounded by love,
Founded on hope.

We persevere
Despite overwhelming odds,
Existing not here in these simple forms
But in a realm of endless possibility.

We are so in awe
Of the splendors we perceive
We begin to think them our own.

It is so easy to forget
That we are not alone
No matter how capable we are
Of imagining it thusly.

For we are but a flickering flame
In a wall of thousands,
Shining brightly not by individual strength
But rather through collective brilliance.

I am honored
To be a part of something bigger than myself,
To learn and listen
As well as speak and be heard.

I have stood silent
In a room, pitch black,
Listening to the steady pulse in my ears
And through it, to you.

You have laid yourself bare
In front of all the world
And though you do so from behind crafted mask
All of ours slip from time to time.

I am blessed
To know all of you
At whatever capacity is appropriate,
For you are all beautifully unique.

So here’s to
The poets
The journalists
The drawers
The photographers
The painters
The broken and the whole
The named and the nameless
The frequent and the seldom seen
The leaders and those who are lead
The speakers and the listeners
The seers and the doers
The distant and the close by
The dreamers and the never sleepers
The lurkers and the re-bloggers
The short but sweet and the long but worth reading…

I love all of you.
For who you and what you are a part of,
For being and allowing me to be one mind within
The minds of so many.

25 thoughts on “The Minds of So Many

    1. Thank you very much. I would be happy to share my story. Do you have a process for collecting my response (do you have standard questions or an interview process), or would you like me to simply write my own story based on the question in your comment above? Finally, what is the best method for communicating my response with you?


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