Spectre Still, Remnant Only

Oh, formless void
That lies
Behind auburn eyes
You hold such power in that realm
Yet you know not the responsibility that comes as such
And so your power weakens
With every effort you make
To exert control

Spectre still
Remnant only
You are not whole
You are not well
And never will be
So long as you continue to occupy
This foreign body
So release your hold
Free this form
And in doing so
Free yourself
From this symbiotic nightmare
From this mutual parasitism
Return to health
Far from here
An honorable retreat
Will bring no harm to you
This I swear

Though know now
And forever
I will not relent
I will not stand by idle
As you run rampant
In the one which I love

You hold no dominion whatsoever
Over these eyes
They see you as you are
Your veil has fallen
They have watched you with intent
And should you remain
You will be removed
From your flimsy fortress
It cannot hold you
Cannot protect you
Your hour will come
To stand and show me
What you are really capable of
To lay bare what strength you are able to muster
For these eyes have seen
The darkest parts
Of the soul
Have absorbed
The darkness
And are ready
To release it at moment’s notice
Full force

Ghost of traumas past
Face yourself
Brace yourself
The sun is setting on your day
Find a new shelter
Or the darkness will consume you

7 thoughts on “Spectre Still, Remnant Only

    1. Thank you so much, Shantanu. It is a fight that will not be easy, but is well worth all of the effort. We all have demons… We can accept that, and some of them must remain as part of who we are. But there are some that are not welcome and must depart.

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