Partner in Time

My dearest Blackbird
When the wind catches beneath your wings
We rise together
Up towards azure skies
Behind us only a swirling trail of smoke
As we leave them all behind
Staring with squinted eyes
As the blinding sun throws beams of light in our path

And darling Amethyst
When we fall
We fall as one
Bringing down power lines and trees in our wake
Lights out in the neighborhood
As we move out
Crawl/walk/run as we are able
Under cover of darkness
The moon as our guide

So, my second heart
If we depart one another
We do so of our own volition
No judgement or condemnation
Separate but beating our chests
Our hearts
Our wings
In unison
Our songs a battle cry
Our successes and failures
One in the same

Oh, lover mine
I will stand by your side
Though the forces of all that moves lie ahead
My teeth are sharp to dagger points
The same as yours
Though they are not often exposed
As we have learned to only bare them
In battle or visual embrace
To those we love or those who stand in our way
Our way…
Because nothing defines our motions
But that which we allow to do so

Partner in time
The hours, the days, the weeks, the years
That now stand so readily before us
Will someday stand behind us
Not between us
As so many have before
The past
The present
The future
Our time
Ours to remember
Ours to live with courage and grace
Ours to observe and await

18 thoughts on “Partner in Time

  1. My apologies if I missed the intent, but this feels raw and like a battle to me. A different feel than your usual poetry, although passionate and visual. Like a warrior cry, love song. Interesting! : )

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    1. You perceived the intent quite accurately! That is exactly what this is. We needed a warrior cry, and this ended up being a very appropriate time. Blackbird struggles with very severe anxiety, and a great deal of our battles are with that. Thank you so much for recognizing the theme and commenting on it!

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    1. Oh, how strange and unknown the ways of the universe. You were a vessel for needed love tonight, good friend.

      This comment came right in the midst of a particularly difficult and altogether paralyzing trauma attack. Your words brought strength and warmth to both of us, and a smile to her face. Much love to you and to the words you have shared.

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      1. I am humbled and glad to have been able to do so.
        Your words were exquisite but your poem felt so private that I felt I would be intruding with my comment.
        But I came back because I wanted both of you to know what you have now is so precious and I always wish you the best forever.

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        1. In that case, I am very glad that you changed your mind.

          As you may have gathered, most of my writing is deeply personal. I write from my heart to the current moment, and that can often come off as very private. But I share openly and welcome thoughts just the same.

          Thank you so much for your comments.

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