Broken Glass (Part Two: Response)

This poem is a prompt/response collaboration with Blackbird. To read the prompt she provided, visit Broken Glass (Part One: Prompt)

Fragments of the shattered past
Draw blood from eager bodies
But with the most precise and delicate touch
Shards allow
Such precious glances
Into what has been
Not to be held too tightly
Lest they press too forcefully against
Soft and vulnerable palms
Neither held too lightly
Lest they fall to the uncaring floor
And break into even smaller pieces

My love
How I adore each and every bit of you
Both those that I can press to my chest late at night
As well as those that I can only view
From a distance
Between my shaking fingers

How I have tried
To demonstrate
The reverence I hold
For all that you are
For all that you were
For every bit you deem “abnormal”
How I work to fit in
Each of your broken lines
Within my own fragmented mosaic
Not to make them my own
But to see them as they are
Within the framework of what I know

12 thoughts on “Broken Glass (Part Two: Response)

  1. This is beautiful. I like the end where the speaker notes he is trying to fit her “broken lines” into his “mosaic” of life and himself. To see her flaws and her person “as they are” and except them in the “framework” from the best background abs way he knows best. A powerful piece because of his accepting of her and willingness to love, despite all.

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    1. Thank you, Mandibelle… It is truly a unique dynamic… Blackbird is a beautiful person and the mosaic built is one of life, love, and acceptance. What may not be captured here is the balance she brings in her own demonstration of acceptance and healing. Though those lines may be broken, they are stunningly gorgeous in composition and carry exceptional life and love.

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