Smoke (Part Two)

This poem was written in collaboration with Blackbird, of the blog Wandering Thoughts. To read the first lines of this poem, visit: Smoke (Part One)

Curling and drifting
Not fine lines but rather
Swirling vortexes
Our bodies tangled beneath
Breath slowing
Eyes still wild
Our hair in attention
Imitating the layers and waves in which we lie
Crashing down upon
Our beaded foreheads
I love you
With every last breath in my body
I know that you love me
In the way you move
And the way you tell me just where to go
And just what to do
I am at peace
As my arms fall at my sides
Weary but awake
Fingers restless to caress
Your naked form
Your curves and lines
Your thighs to your rising stomach to your
Trembling lips
We stare at the ceiling
Through a veil of grey and blue
And recount memories of what came before

I will always cherish these moments
The stillness in the silence
The breeze that blows through the open window
The rustling of the trees that watch quietly from just beyond
The string of lights that cast down such dim illumination

There is nothing else on this earth I desire more
Than to lay and remind you
How very loved you are
And how very content I am in your presence
My darling Blackbird
May you always feel free
To fly when the drafts rise beneath your wings
But may you always know
That you have a place here at my side
An ear to listen to your lovely song
And a set of lips to kiss yours
As well as to draw deep from the cancer that may someday lay us to rest

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