A Love like Gravity

I have always wanted
A love like gravity
That draws in spirit
And soul
With an irresistible pull
A cosmic force
But clearly defined
By formula and boundary

When I first saw you
I was tethered
And though the pull was there
I was unable to move
Unable to respond
As was appropriate
So we kept our distance
Waiting unaware

Time passed
As it always does
And we soon found ourselves
Free of bonds
Free of love
That was bitter to the core
A false connection
Formed of what should be
Rather than what is
Abhorrent to
The flow of fate

Nature prevailed
As it is want to do
And as structure crumbled and gave way
Unbalanced form and function dissipated
And we floated free
Only briefly
Suspended only by
Drifting spirals arms
In risk of diversion
In risk of collision
But free in relative context
Unbound and unobstructed
Wild in nature
But driven
For place and purpose

When our spheres passed once again
We tried to resist
We told ourselves
That it was too soon
That what we felt could not be real
But destiny had other plans
And we soon found ourselves
Orbiting a new and beautiful landscape
Lush in life and love and hope

Now as we whirl about
Through the dust of prior planets
Our hearts they race
With the wild passions of the momentum
We circle with eyes locked
A glimmer in each
The whites bright against
The blackest backdrop of the empty sky

Now I believe
We have finally found
That which we have always
In you
In me
In us
In this
We are home
But in that
Finding freedom in knowing
That we are not linked in expectation
Of reciprocation
Or bound by
Our own desires
We are caught in something greater than ourselves
Surrendering to
Not ourselves
Not each other
But rather
This love
Born of a purifying flame
The richness of the soil unearthed
Exposing a wealth of
Pure love
As two objects were drawn nearer and nearer
Not of their volition
But rather of something true
A power beyond their understanding
Always present
Always observant
A love known and unknown both
A love to last
A love to withstand all adversity
Of foreign objects and distant moons
A love like waves on shorelines unaware
A love like this is truly
A love like gravity

18 thoughts on “A Love like Gravity

    1. Thank you, Singledust! I really appreciate that. I also really enjoy your writing, particularly the way you blend photography with poetry. There is much depth in your short lines and the visual pairing only magnifies.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the cleansing and purifying power of intense heat is a powerful force, one with extreme destructive capabilities but at the same time, a likewise power to heal and reveal beauty…


  1. Am sorry for being late late😊. Actually I was sick and I couldn’t read that much. So here’s some of my favorite work of yours I do know they are not complete but I’ll comment the rest of them later.,
    Love without fear , The space I occupy , To be whole , View from within , The Light of a Good day , A statement not purpose , Even Evil , If your fire should Ever fade , I will wait, Behind The wheel, There’s none compares to you.

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    1. Thank you! There is no need to apologise at all. I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling well; I hope you were able to get some rest and are feeling better now.

      I have added these to my list; if you have any others, please let me know and I will add those as well.

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