A Symphony Played

Sometimes I wonder
If I even see you at all
If I ever have
If I ever will
Or if I only know
A fraction of your precious whole
A symphony played
With musicians in separate rooms
As I wander the hallways
Cheek pressed against each door
In a frantic effort
To perceive
If just for a brief moment
The meaning behind the beat
The masterpiece

11 thoughts on “A Symphony Played

  1. I guess we never do or will. But then again is that necessarily a bad thing? Focus on nuturing all that is good in a relationship and celebrate the differences.
    Sorry if that sounds a bit ‘yucky’ – I’m sure that you catch my drift!

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    1. I completely understand. It doesn’t sound yucky at all. I agree entirely that I will never fully understand nor do I actually want to entirely. Part of the joy is the search, the absence, the differences (as you note).

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  2. As a musician and poet this spoke to me in volumes. I hope the speaker gets to enjoy the complexity and simplicity of each melody and nuance of each instrument.

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    1. Thank you. I am enjoying them thoroughly… Each is beautiful and moving by itself, pages and chapters in a grand narrative, and as I piece them together, bit by bit, the collective whole comes together and speaks the story as a beautiful whole.

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    1. First off, congratulations on that lasting relationship. People tend to assume I am bitter regarding marriage and that it would somehow bother or offend me to discuss theirs, but quite the opposite, it brings me much joy and hope to hear of marriages like yours that last and still burn bright.

      I am so glad you stopped by, and that you appreciated this piece. Thank you so much for the comment.

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