Living in the Now but Observant of the Past

How it pains and confounds me all the same
To hear you say things like
You feel as if you are a “burden”
Or that you have “let me down”

There is no doubt
You are tethered to me
But you are not
A line to be without
A weight to bear
You float about
An orb of indigo hue
Dancing in the open air
Standing out against
In contrast true
A sky of azure blue

No matter what you do
Or do not
I will always love you
I will always be there
Whether just a thought
Whether you are far
Or whether you are near
The way you look at me
As we ride inside your car
And the glow that’s in your eyes
Anyone can clearly see
What we have is meant to be

My love, I know full well
What it’s like to feel down
Like you can never tell
Like you’re never quite sure
If you are wanted around
Or simply there to prove
If the love you feel is pure
And how well I know the pain
Of trying hard only to lose
Only to watch slip away
What you worked so hard to gain

But darling Blackbird, dear
You should know I do not lie
When I say I want you here
I am always by your side
Whether you are up or down
I do not expect your heart
Nor are you obliged
To return the love I show
To finish or to start
Or be anything more
To be high or to be low
All this you should know

So take your time and find yourself
I will walk this road with care
I know there will be days of good health
In which we will both rejoice
And when we finally get there
It will be a world so new
So full of joyful voice
We will look back at this and laugh
At all that we’ve been through
Though with reverence and respect
Mindful of the path
Living in the now but observant of the past

12 thoughts on “Living in the Now but Observant of the Past

    1. Thank you, Chris. I don’t normally provide context for my writing, but given that it is mental health month… The working title of this was “Of Love and Anxiety”; it was a response to an anxiety-driven letter that she wrote me telling me how she felt like a burden and a let down due to the way her anxiety impacts her and the way she perceives it impacting our relationship. I needed to clarify that anxiety is in a loving relationship, one parties mental health challenges is never a burden…

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