The Limitless Potential that Lies Between

Dearest one,
How many questions have been asked,
And how many answers provided,
Taken from your past,
Offered to me on the outstretched,
Open palm of your present self,
Accepted graciously by my present perception
To be treasured and retained in all the days of my future?

These answers are not sought,
Do not arrive
As adornments on your current form
Or lenses through which you are now viewed,
They exist as indicators of
The distance you have traveled
And all you have seen and done along the way,
Each one an infinitely precious glance back in time
At steps you have taken,
Challenges you have overcome,
Expressions of yourself that you have left behind,
As well as those you still carry on shouldered sack.

Every answer you give
Brings me that much closer
To you.

But in the very construct
Of question and answer
Exists a fatal flaw
And that is this:
There is an implied dichotomy in the framework,
An inherent inference that this exchange of information can be somehow completed,
That the existence of an answer somehow negates or renders the question obsolete;
This is not so.

My darling,
At the end of the long day
All I truly ask
Is that I know you as best I am able.

In a genuine pursuit of understanding
Expectations of clarifications must be dashed,
For what is often gained
Is not the understanding that is sought,
What is found is renewal of the passion thusly
And a perspective with which to engage.
The pure of heart and mind
Understanding the meaning of such revelations,
For if the value of desire
Lies in the desire itself
And not the product thereof
Then we are never lacking in worth
And our affections shall never cease.

And oh, precious gemstone
Set firmly in my heart,
How I clearly see
How limited my depth of knowledge is
How little I have seen of the vast expanse that is

And so,
I dedicate myself to this end:
That I might cherish
All of you that I am able,
All of you that stands before or beside me,
As well as all of you that beckons from beyond this moment,
Fully aware and jubilant in knowing
How incomprehensive my perspective truly is,
Seeking to expand my horizon,
To know
All that is to be known,
In doing so knowing
That I will fail,
Accepting this inevitable failure,
In doing so revealing
More that I do not know,
Embracing this exquisite reality,
In doing so honoring
The beauty that is your hidden truth,
Bowing to the force of possibility,
Engaging actively with expectations
To produce a fuller image
Of what is and what is not,
Appreciating with reverence
The balance struck
And the limitless potential that lies between.

17 thoughts on “The Limitless Potential that Lies Between

    1. You have such appropriate timing… I was just going through and organizing some of the resources I have collected related to self-publishing. It may take some time, but at the very least for now, I would like to publish something with a limited number of select poems, perhaps just the collections and then a few others. If you would be willing to perhaps elect several of your favorites, I could make sure to include them. 🙂

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