The Evolution of a Verse

Move forward with
Line after beautiful
Not creating
Rather weaving together
What is
Into something
Entirely new

The Poet speaks from
The past
The heart
The soul
In real time
In future tense
Experience and memory
Into something
Entirely new

As the words depart
The mind’s eye
Whether via pen or key
What is born
Grows and develops
As any living being must
In unison with
The source from which it springs
But separate just the same
Entirely new

Though form is often lost
Burnt to cinders
It is soon found once more
Rising reborn from
Piles and parables
Speaking clearly
What was once obscured
Through process
Defining a body
Entirely new

Claws, teeth, toughened hide
Give way to
Agile form
Wings and talons form
Feathers burst forth
But voice remains
Songs from
Depths of throat
A language
Entirely new

Reflected now in polished glass
Legs, standing tall
Arms extended
Opened wide
To share in embrace
Knowledge and
Gifts of self
Giving freely
Crafting memories
Entirely new

21 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Verse

          1. Thank you. Im really happy to have a friend like you. Actually I can’t really express how happy I’m to hear this from you

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