Do You Know?

Do you know
How many pieces of me are grown from
Pieces of you?

Do you remember
All the times
You shared your love
In small gestures
Floppy disks full of turtles
Birthday parties and cakes
Time and effort spent
Listening and telling
Of this and that
Of what is and what was?

I remember.
I will never forget
And all you have done for me
To raise me
To the height where I could
See over all of
The trees and clouds
Far into the distance;
For I was small
And did not know
That there was anything beyond
The wall of shadows that surrounded us.

You have made
So many difficult decisions
Sacrifices made
For the well-being
Of yourself
But also for the health of
Those you love.

You have waited
So long
For me to be ready
To return that love
And I do not honestly believe
I will ever be able
To fully repay
All of the kindness you have shown
Though I will try my best
Because you are worth
All effort.

I hope you know
How very much I love you
How very much I care
How very much I want
To be there
And with

23 thoughts on “Do You Know?

        1. I wish I could share mine… I guess I would just say that your Mom did a wonderful job preparing you for life as far as I can tell, and would be proud of you and the impact you are having on those who read your writing. I hope you always remember her.

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  1. Hello Auroraboros

    I’m happy to let you know of the rescheduled date for the blog party which is to be on 23 May 2018. And I hope to see you at party!

    Thanks for your support!

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    1. This is wonderful news, thank you for the update. I was just talking about this with Blackbird and we were wondering when the new date would be. I have updated my calendar and will certainly be in attendance.


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