What is Mine

I am still learning
What it means to possess
Not only that which lies external to myself
But all this I hold within as well
All that constitutes

My voice has often felt
Spoken with confidence
Eloquent at times
But not always

My dearest friend
How I am sure I fail
To convey
What your words mean to me
When you talk of

These lines
Represent a timeline
A living portrait
Of who I am, was
And hope
To be

When the words
Begin to shift
To adapt and change
They do so boldly
They do not do so

Now you tell me
You see more of me
In my words
In these lines
That you see more of
My heart

You speak life to me
You validate that
My heart exists
That I am still alive
That I am still

Thank you.

15 thoughts on “What is Mine

  1. Indeed, are we ever sure that what we intend is actually understood? Words can sometimes be a stumbling block, and yet, just ocassionally, we find someone who can read between our lines. A fine piece.

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    1. Yes, that is exactly as it is… So often I wonder whether my intended message is conveyed/received, and often, comments confirm that it is, but other times, I never really know. It is just fine with me, but a curious notion.

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