Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

A while back (sorry, I have been busy as of late…), I was nominated for a Mystery Blogger award by Lawrence Illoc, of the blog Being Bipolar. Trying to break the stigma! ( Though it has taken me longer than I would like to respond, I am very honored by this nomination and accept it as such.


About Lawrence Illoc and Being Bipolar

Lawrence is an incredibly passionate and open author who deals directly and unabashedly with his struggles with bipolar and the stigma that surrounds the disease. His writing is typically in the style of journal entries, with great detail surrounding how bipolar affects him and the relationships he cherishes. He has recently started writing poetry that begins dark but in its reflection shares a glimpse of hope. I would highly recommend that you visit his blog to gain a unique and valuable insight into the life of someone working their hardest to address their struggles and share what they learn with the world.


  • Thank whoever nominated you and include link to their blog
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird or funny one
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Three Facts About Me

  1. One:

    Sweet Cerulean
    I am in love with the color

    Blue and all variations thereof

    My world is not seen through rose glasses

    But it always carries

    An azure tint

    Not to alter what is

    But to embellish

    To bring life where motion is

    Not found or

    Altogether too discrete

    Bashful and shy

    Playful foxes in den guarded by

    Mother watching with loving eyes

  2. Two:

    Think in Prose
    I think in prose

    Words often re-arranged

    To better suit

    The expectations of

    The “real world”

    Dancing shoes and tired suit-coats

    Longing only for

    Weekend respite

    My mouth does not easily form

    Empty words

    “Good day, how are you”

    “I am spun beneath this sun from a yarn lighter than the one before,

    Yet, in this I find solace;

    The prior light shined only on the loom

    And I am blessed today for form and function”

    To which they may reply

    With only blank stares

  3. Three:

    I have made

    Five attempts at taking

    The light from my post

    Only to burn my hands

    On the overwhelming heat that radiates

    Outward from

    A beacon I do not own

    I merely care for

    This form

    The contents still


    But precious in that

    They do not need to be

My Responses to Questions Posed

The questions posed by Lawrence Illoc, and my responses thereto, are as follows:

  1. How do you see a glass, half full or half empty?

    Is any object ever in

    A state:


    Or do we merely observe


    Perceived as


    We will one day cast these shells aside

    And the air will breathe us in;

    There is always balance

    In all things.

  2. What do you prefer, to read a book or to listen to music?

    Eyes and Ears
    I might ask in response

    What differentiates

    Sound from sight;

    Black and white

    Day and night

    Dark and light

    Is grey a valid response?

    I am enthralled to be

    Here at all

    Where the void and the banks


    These bodies

    Mere instruments

    Tuned to sift

    Screams from sighs

    Beams from shadows

    Empty space from

    The objects that define it as such.

    I hear music when I see words presented

    Songs scroll on screens deep inside

    The hollow chambers

    In the space between

    Eyes and ears.

  3. What do you like most about mother nature?

    Your Mother Loves You
    Are we like children

    Running, sliding, slipping down

    Rocks wet with

    Rich afterbirth

    Not to fall

    To crack skulls

    But to rise once more

    When the sun has set

    And the moon hides behind

    The orb on which we ride

    Through a dangerous and altogether chaotic

    Journey to…

    Your mother loves you

    More than you

    Or she

    Will ever know

    Will ever admit

    Will ever be able to communicate

    In these primitive howls;

    Never forget

    Home is all around you.

  4. What is your favorite movie?

    Context and Company
    Of all the colors

    I have no hesitation on saying

    I prefer the spectrum that lies between

    New growth and

    Crushed snail shells

    My favorite bird

    Is that which sings in the dead of night

    Despite the smoke that curls

    From her precious lips

    Drawn from

    Fires now behind her

    All else

    Is irrelevant;

    What seeks to entertain me

    Cannot be elevated


    Context and company.

  5. What do you like most about traveling?

    Under the Same Sun
    We have stood now

    Upon opposite ends of this spinning sphere

    Breathing in new air

    Leaving behind old skin

    In every corner

    On the sheets of every motel room

    In the sinks of every washroom

    No two faces alike

    No two days occurring in like sequence

    So many eyes

    So few of them

    Our own

    But all drawing in

    So many shared rays

    Of brilliant light

    Falling, raining down

    Over so many heads and hats and

    Scarves tied tightly round

    Necks and shoulders

    Keeping out

    Cold and warm alike

    Shielding from

    Elemental ambience

    All so different

    But all so alike

    Beneath ever-changing skies

    Twisting and transforming always

    Untethered and uncontained

    But all held in relative stillness

    Suspended under the same sun

My Nominees and Questions Thereto


I nominate the following blogs for the Mystery Blogger Award:


The following are the questions I request that the nominees answer in their acceptance post, should they choose to do so.

  1. In shining stars and endless sea, visions of infinity, captured rarely, grasped for with reaching fingers, always inches away…When you chance a view into the void, what do you see, and do you believe it sees you back?
  2. Dark and light, black and white, wrong and right, day and night… running free then taking flight…What momentum propels you now, and what will it take for you to leave the ground and soar (if you have done so already, what keeps you aloft)?
  3. The future grows, digital prose, zeroes and ones, the instance knows… a million suns, a millions tons, a million miles, a million kessel runs… A single smile, a little while, a single empty gesture, a little harmless dial…Where does the energy from which digital life draws sustenance spring and what does this mean to you, if anything, as a citizen of an increasingly digital existence?
  4. Blackbird wings and amethyst stone, discarded rings and hearts alone, changing styles and sharper tongues, fiery trials and blackened lungs, hearts alight under midnight moon, alive, a passion grows so soon, from ember earth springs forth a seed, from seed to stalk, from soil freed, reaching forth up towards the sun, a life, a love, only just begun…What symbols, relationships, concepts, and goals define your current creative identity, and how has your identity and motivation changed since your first started writing (either as a blogger or otherwise)?
  5. A song to sing to silent friends, a chance to love and make amends, a growth in waves, a shift in days, a chill to freeze, a flame to set ablaze…What draws you out of yourself; what extends your presence beyond the immediate space you occupy and out into the aether between yourself and others?

15 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

    1. You’re very welcome. Thank you for the nomination and for being you. I appreciate you and the honest energy you bring. Keep fighting and keep sharing with us, Lawrence. We love you.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Thank you for the nomination. I am truly touched. I am a little behind schedule but I promise to answer the questions soonest. As has become the norm with me, I will not nominate anyone but will leave it open for everyone. I hope that is alright.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. An award justly deserved. Congratulations!
    You have a way with words. I can imagine you reading in different accents. In South Africa we have a lovely storyteller Gcina Mhlope, she is such a hit with kids and myself included!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that.

      I have done one reading so far, of another poet’s piece, but I have never posted a reading of my own… I may do that soon. Thank you for the thought!

      I would love to hear Gcina; is any of her storytelling online?

      Liked by 1 person

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