Communion in Skin

Darling, you don’t need to say
A word
Your body says
More than words could ever convey

When I place my hands on
Your shoulders
Your calves
Your smooth, but sweaty, feet
Form disappears
Replaced by
In the void
Dialogue between
Flesh and flesh

Guide me
Show me the points where
The pain has collected
In pools
That I might draw it in
Absorbed and stored
Only for a moment
That I might then
Expel it back
Into the very air
The space between
To be dispelled
To be replaced by
Incantations spoken low
Huddled whispers
Sighs and soughs
Rapid breath and
Pounding chests
Broken only by bursts of
Joyous laughter

Our love is not
A crackling fire
A gale-storm
A flooded plain
A monolithic plateau
Our love is
An ongoing and ever changing discourse
A story
Written and spoken to be sure
Recorded in these lines
But in the space between lies
So much more
So many intimate whispers
Found in moments alone
In longing gazes and
Hopeful gestures of affection
In warm embraces and
The release of
Fallen tears
And the rapture found in
Wiping them clean

My love, may we never cease
To talk
With one another
To walk
Side by side
May our words
In breath as well as
In gentle caress
In passionate, pulsing heartbeat
Never depart or be dispersed
May we remain
Still and calm
In this
Such sweet and delicate
Communion in skin

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