Sara, Please (*Explicit Language*)

For Sara.

Sara, please
Do not give up
Do not allow these thoughts
To overtake you
To tell you
That you are in any way
To blame or
At fault
For what you feel
For how those feelings
In thought and in action

If you need to scream
Scream into the fucking wind with all your voice
Then absorb all that voice back into you
Restored and cleansed by
The air it touches
And if it still feels dirty
Not of your heart
When it returns
Scream it right back out again
And again
And again
Until you are finished
Until you are satisfied
With the voice you hold in your chest
This is not crazy
This is far from crazy
Just as you are not crazy
Or “unstable”
I can assure you of that
As difficult as it might be to accept

Neither are you nothing
You are more than nothing
More than something
You are someone
Who means a lot to
So many people
Myself included
Though it may not seem so
You are a friend
A beloved person in my life

You do not sound stupid
You do not sound
Like anything less
Than a human being
Expressing the difficult and complex sentiments
That all human beings experience
Though some try to pretend
That they do not

If you need to curse the sky
Then let us curse the sky together
Let us bring the fucking heavens down
To come crashing
At your feet
Clouds and stars in jumbled disarray
Confused and dazed
But glad to be
That much closer
To you

Some days
You don’t need to be “that person”
You donโ€™t need
To get out of bed
That is okay
We all need breaks
From ourselves
From our lives
From time to time
Just remember
To come back
We need you
We love you
As you
Whatever that might mean
For there are no
Labels or judgements here
Just love
And acceptance
Just connections
Between disconcerted souls
Searching for
Something more

23 thoughts on “Sara, Please (*Explicit Language*)

    1. Thank you. It may sound personal, and in a way it is… But it is also not at all. It is a response to something dark that lives in so many corners, so many hearts to coalesce here. It is a response to a very specific situation, but an attempt to address the situation and stigma on a grander scale as well. These words are addressed to one person, but are offered openly to anyone who needs them.

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      1. Thank you for that. Sometimes we bare our souls on such a personal level that it seems unfair to comment on such things as structure or linguistic style. I can certainly appreciate how your words can be applied to a wider audience.

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        1. Of course. It is always fair to comment; never hold back with me please. Just know that I will do the same in my response… I appreciate feedback, though also know that I am quite aware the lack of structure in my writing and generally apply feedback to my thinking rather than my style. I own my style; it is mine (one of few things I can confirm with confidence). It is broken and inconsistent and sometimes uncomfortable/abrasive, though I try to fill it with heart – an attempt to reflect myself as best I am able…

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          1. I agree that your ‘lack of structure’ is your style, and, for me, I feel that it adds weight to the feeling behind your words. Passionate writing can often be challenging, but then isn’t that the attraction (and indeed the point). I shall endeavour to comment as honestly as I can!

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          2. Thank you, Chris! I appreciate it a lot. I am working on developing my voice and style (I actually have a post in progress on this currently based on a comment another reader left).

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    1. Exactly. I cannot count the number of times I have cursed the stars and the sun and the moon, the entire sky, only to be soon embraced and restored by the very same former foes… The universe is not indifferent to our cries…

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  1. Brilliant poem, we all need to scream and shout at the universe it creates a shift in energy. We also need to be gentle with ourselves, so if you need to snuggle down in bed for a day or so it is good to completely relax and unwind. You have a great style in your writing and it hits the point which is the main thing. Blessings

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    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this comment… You have done an excellent job of breaking down the idea and clarifying. We just need to take care of and learn to love ourselves… The universe tends to form around us once we have.

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