Intimate Moments Within

This piece is a direct response to the poem An Intimate Kiss by Charles Robert Lindholm. My sincere gratitude and respect goes out to Charles for the beauty he brings to this community through his work and collaborative mindset.

She waits for me

Home: a word with so much weight
The place where we first made known
A new portage
To realms uncharted

The lights shimmer above
And voices ring
Darkness abounds, welcome here
From shadows black as night

Time stands still
Conquest conquered
All we see: ours

She moves with grace
To my side
Breathing gently in my ear
Of her passion for all that is

I hold her hand
As we walk with words
As we recreate
What goes unsaid

These pages burn
For the abrasive touch
Of love unhewn
To engrave upon
Thick and deep
Opportunities abound
In dripping diction
Absorbed into
The depths of soul
We push headlong
Towards unification
Muses both
We place our seal
On letters open-ended

She remains
As her precious form pressed still
Impressing into
Formless form
And timeless space
Intimate moments within
Captured by lines
We’ve designed
So that all might be aware
The love we share
And know it themselves
When they merge

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