In Oblivion (Reprise)

Lofted vantage.
Tendrils of
Black and grey
Reaching skyward to grasp
Falling short…
Your enemy stands before you:
And return
To embed once more
Within blessed hearts-
Weapons dulled and
To stand guard
No longer to attack
Knowing that there is a world beyond.
No malice
For there is darkness in the light
The day and night
Appear to wage a hopeless war
But this is not so;
There is a peace in transition
The stars do not conquer the clouds
Space is shared and loved.

We float in unified
Graceful movements,
Battlefield below
Obfuscated by
The immensity of each moment,
The weight of
Each breath
Drawn deep
Expelled broadly to rejoin
Grateful ambient air.
Lightly tracing
Space between
Objects joined in
Sacred rite.
Silent song sung to heavens at attention;
Flag staked
Claim laid.
No border patrol,
Chain links and barbed wire;
No shadowy places
To never go.
All that is…
All of you
All of me:
Always and in entirety;
More than can be seen.

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