All Else: Oblivion

These hands
And the arms that hold them
Do not own you
Do not restrain you
When they press down upon
Your form (oblique)
Radiant in shadow of
My presence (obelisk)

These appendages…

All of your darkness
All of the demons
Obscure and powerless spectres
Brought to their knees
Against the force of…

…Objective love

All of your bonds
All of the obstructions
Obscene ties that bound you before
Fall to the floor
Obliterated in form and function by…

…Obstinate will

That you might rise up
That we might meet and coalesce
In this
Restorative and most beautiful display
Of intimate affection
Of shared
Pain // Pleasure // Control
Knowing beyond all doubt
I am yours. You are mine.
You and I:
The distance between us:
All else:

15 thoughts on “All Else: Oblivion

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for the comment. Powerful… Power is… A great choice of words. Power is such a heavy word. I no longer wish to carry it alone… I offer it freely, through my love and through my words. I am glad to have imparted some through this piece, no matter how small.

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