Walking into the warmth of light
No stranger to day, at play in the night
Not always wrong, never quite right
I hold my own, my own love so tight…

To wolves at night, from hounds at noon
From snow falling in March, to sunlight in June
To waves on shore, from mass of moon
From quandary now, to certainty soon

I told you I have never known
A passion so true: deep blue, but so unknown
I have always felt so alone…
But when I am here with you, I don’t

Into grounds north, out of Earth south
Out of times of dearth, into days of routh
Into my heart, out of your mouth
Out of past snares, into fields of now

8 thoughts on “Motion

    1. Thank you; the natural motion of life can be terribly frightening… But not so if we move with it and bring with us only what matters. Finding balance between letting go and holding on tight… The beautiful challenge.

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