There is a soft singing in the spheres tonight;
Do you hear it?
There is a silent ringing like bells tapped lightly against the sides on one another.

There is a gentle breeze blowing in the air tonight;
Do you feel it?
There is a movement in the trees like loving fingers through hair that falls in cascades from scalp to shoulder.

There is a muted glowing circling every object tonight;
Do you see it?
There is a halo floating just beyond reach like a small stream of stars aimlessly orbiting a greater mass.

There is a calming stillness in the purposeful procession of time tonight;
Do you perceive it?
There is a silent soliloquy spoken by the smooth steps forward of the second hand of the old grandfather clock polished and gleaming from its vaulted precipice.

There is a profound love flowing through our thoughts tonight;
Do you feel it?
There is a steady pulse within our hearts that beats of its own accord but moves in unison with another like the locked-eye rhythmic swaying of two dancers caught in the beat.

You are present in my thoughts tonight and always;
You know this.
You are a beam of violet light in a world of black and azure blue, a wave of warmth in a realm usually dominated by cold and frozen tundra.

Tonight, I am grateful. I am at peace.

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