Choice and Trust

Combing through Remnants Of what was Finding Nothing Wondering If there was ever anything here To begin with Or if this is all Just a lie We tell ourselves That we might close our eyes And have something to forget There is no such thing as the past Now is all that is But now … Continue reading Choice and Trust

Not Forgotten but Neither Dwelt On

Once these words Have moved, freely From my mind To the space in front of it They are no longer mine If ever they were; Rather They become An entity all their own, Living and breathing and eating and procreating, Not residing for any extended period of time, Leaving bastard children and forlorn lovers in … Continue reading Not Forgotten but Neither Dwelt On

Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

Note: This piece contains material that is not appropriate for all audiences. Read at your own discretion. Her breath on my neck Her lips on my cheek Her pressed against me We move as one; I remember to breathe Feel her movement, discrete Rinse and repeat Shallow then deep Above then beneath Pressed against - … Continue reading Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

The Minds of So Many

The human mind is a beautiful creation So full of life, Surrounded by love, Founded on hope. We persevere Despite overwhelming odds, Existing not here in these simple forms But in a realm of endless possibility. Often, We are so in awe Of the splendors we perceive We begin to think them our own. It … Continue reading The Minds of So Many

Spectre Still, Remnant Only

Oh, formless void That lies Behind auburn eyes You hold such power in that realm Yet you know not the responsibility that comes as such And so your power weakens With every effort you make To exert control Spectre still Remnant only You are not whole You are not well And never will be So … Continue reading Spectre Still, Remnant Only

Broken Glass (Part Two: Response)

This poem is a prompt/response collaboration with Blackbird. To read the prompt she provided, visit Broken Glass (Part One: Prompt) Fragments of the shattered past Draw blood from eager bodies But with the most precise and delicate touch Shards allow Such precious glances Into what has been Not to be held too tightly Lest they … Continue reading Broken Glass (Part Two: Response)

Smoke (Part Two)

This poem was written in collaboration with Blackbird, of the blog Wandering Thoughts. To read the first lines of this poem, visit: Smoke (Part One) … Curling and drifting Not fine lines but rather Swirling vortexes Our bodies tangled beneath Breath slowing Eyes still wild Our hair in attention Imitating the layers and waves in … Continue reading Smoke (Part Two)