The Ashes of our Former Days

Come with me, lover fair
Ignore the embers in the air
For though they fall in a cascade
We both know they are doomed to fade
Just as the stars and moon at night
Are soon outshone by morning light

I’ll walk with you, darling, my dear
I will not waver neither fear
When all I know settles as dust
In you, in us, I’ll place my trust
For even if all else wilts and dies
All I need is in your eyes

Oh amethyst, sweet violet stone
My heart I give to you alone
For though we stand in drifting waves
In ashes of our former days
Amongst the rubble lies what’s true
A beam of me, a shard of you
All intermixed with flecks of gold
Fragment heart and puddle soul
Separate not but tragic loss
Together new form now embossed
Sift through softly, take what’s pure
Melt it, shape it, to endure
These delicate kintsugi forms
Will always be forever yours

And blackbird, if your wings you spread
If you should seek new roost instead
Please bring with you these shining things
Place them safe beneath your wings
To roost at night where soft you sleep
That you might nearby always keep
The memories, the dreams we shared
The sentiments, the way we cared
To take what was and make it new
To take love false and make it true
What shines now with such golden rays:
The ashes of our former days

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