All So Far Away

There will certainly be days where
Though the world exists just on the other side of your window
You will not see it
You will not see
Anything but fog

There will undoubtedly be moments where
Though you will be told that you are loved and appreciated
You will not hear it
You will not hear
Anything but echoes

And though you know that you cannot
Avoid or dismiss
These times of doubt and despair
When everything you know
Is all so far away
Know also that you should not
Can not
Will not
Resign yourself
Blame yourself
For the way you feel
Or the way that your feelings cause you to behave

Do you not remember
How many days have come before today?
Do you not realize
How many difficult choices you have made
That led you to this point
And how many even more difficult choices you did not make
That also granted you passage to today?

Today is hard won
Today is a day for which much blood has been shed
For which many tears have fallen from auburn and azure eyes alike
This day, this hour, this minute, this very moment in which we exist
Is a cultivated culmination of will, determination, and a small amount of chance
All leading up to the exact circumstances that compose us currently
And great beauty lies in knowing that this is not the final iteration of what is
This is a day just like every other day before it
And it will pass just the same

You know full well
You must overcome your own obstacles
No-one can carry you through this life
Though they may feel compelled to
You have brought yourself this far
You are a warrior of unmatched strength

But even the strongest cannot face all odds by themselves
Know that you will never be alone
So long as you believe and want it so
You will always have a friend and ally
To listen and hold you close
Even when there is great distance between us
To recognize and remind you of who you are
And the full weight of what that means

So just remember that
We are always here
And always will be
On the days where everyone and everything might seem
All so far away

22 thoughts on “All So Far Away

  1. i have just read this out loud. It is a tender, highly perceptive poem. It strikes me as a beautifully refined balance of past, present and futures for those concerned. In fact it is especially devotional to two humans who have endeavor to create their coupled destinies. I was thinking of recording it to compliment the re-posting

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and reflection/interpretation. I am genuinely honored that you have taken the time to do so, and that you have offered to record a reading. I think that is a unique and clever idea.

      Liked by 1 person

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