Love is Strange

Love is a cage and open window both
The wise must be those who ascertain
Which is to perceive at any given moment
The state of their heart thusly.

The worst offense
Is to close the window
So as to form
An inescapable
Of human emotion.

There are those who fail to see
That by sealing another
They are sealing themselves.

What does love mean
To you?
Is it a feeling
Deep within
The confines of
Your heart
Your mind
Your soul
To be contained
To be held tightly
And thus withheld?
Or is it a bright light
A glow that starts from within
To be fed
To be nourished
To grow into
A blinding brilliance
Shone out into the hearts of all who let it in
Casting out
The shadows
From the lonely corners
Of all who see it
And know its worth?

Oh, how I hope you consider
Your answer
And the weight thereof.
For you are loved.
This, I assure you.
And your love is a bright beam
From the lighthouse of your heart
To guide
All ships that pass
To calm and cool waters
To where they are meant to be.
And some day
One will pass
That will see the light
For what it is
And brave rocky shores
To seek it’s source.

18 thoughts on “Love is Strange

    1. Love is certainly a weight in your heart at times, pulling your heart down into your stomach and often all the way into your toes. It can feel like a burden at times… But it is a weight that is worth carrying if it is right. And it is a weight that gets so much lighter when it is carried by more than one person… The breathlessness just makes the inevitable inhalation that much better. 🙂

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        1. Oh, love is far from simple! Love is perhaps one of the most complex concepts in existence. It is incredibly difficult to understand and apply… But there is a strange beauty in that you don’t always need to worry so much about it’s complexity to experience it. Love is a natural force like any other, and often when we try to hard to understand it within a limited and relatively unnatural human construct, we fail to just feel it and embrace it. Love is like the wind. It is chaotic and almost impossible to predict or understand. And it can be so refreshing on hot days, chilling on cold days, or downright dangerous in the tempest. But if we are observant of it and appreciate it for what it is, it is beautiful.

          Love waits for you, for all of us, just like the wind. Keep aware of it, recognize it for what it is, but don’t stress yourself with trying too hard to understand or control it.

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