A Thought on Change

A movement through motion
A wave from the heart of my mind to the shore of your heart

I often wonder: “How do others perceive
This world we share but do not always experience
In identical or even relatable ways?”

I am in love with the idea of honesty
I have fallen hard for openness and the genuine
Pursuit of truth and awareness that change can occur
But only if we seek it with our hearts

I find myself in constant rumination
Of the implications attached to such notions
Of the conflicts that arise from
The search for understanding
Veiled still by personal interest and implicit intent

I am so often demotivated by the guarded nature
Of these relations that form
And the justifications thereof
I am so inspired by those who share themselves openly
And in doing so raise all of us to new heights


Good friend,
Do not be alarmed
When on days
You will certainly wake to find the world
And that which you love
Changed and
Ugly as it relates to
What you knew so well
Give it time and you will see the world renewed
For the night is no different than the day but for the position of celestial beings far beyond our control
And the movements of the soiled worm beneath the earth are no less consequential than the soaring heights of the sun-drenched falcon
Often down is not down at all but rather towards
And sometimes when shadows move and grow larger
The source of light is simply moving towards us
It is all a matter of perspective

Yes, it is true that all things change
And though we have so little control over the outcome
We have even less control over
The context:
What came before
What was
What set in motion
Our realm is small
But it is powerful
For it is also true that you cannot escape this truth;
Though you will change
Do not ever allow anyone
To change you
To tell you that you are
Anything but a gift from the divine


A thought on change
To you, from me
You are known and seen
And you will always be
You are kin and friend
Comrade to the end
We walk along
A silent song
A heart that beats
Two eyes that see
Two minds that embrace
A thought for change
A vow to remain
Though time and space
Won’t do the same

11 thoughts on “A Thought on Change

  1. You can hear the admiration, respect, and fondness you have for this person in your writing. Clearly a friend and inspiration. I’m glad I read this today, it was empowering.

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  2. From a wonderful start to a beautiful ending, I loved this piece throughout! I love this line “A wave from the heart of my mind to the shore of your heart”, so so beautiful!! This is definitely an outstanding piece of yours!! Fantastically penned! Wonderful words to share an important message. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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